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Welcome to Master's Call Ministries! This website is not meant to be fancy, but rather to introduce you to who we are, what we are about, and encourage you to get connected with each other and with us. It is our sincere hope that through the ministry of Christ, you will learn to be more like Christ and learn to be empowered in Him.

In our walk with Christ, He has empowered us, but only as much as we have allowed Him to, through submitting ourselves to Him. This is the first thing that each believer must learn: it is only through fully surrendering that we find true freedom. Surrendering to Christ may not sound appealing, but it is truly freeing. Please allow me to illustrate with an example:


When someone in the United States joins the military, they surrender their lives to become the property of the government. For all intents and purposes, they are owned by the government. Because the government owns them, they are required to perform whatever tasks the government assigns them. Those tasks are not optional and they are not always fun. They have to go through boot camp to be trained in how to obey and how to do their jobs. They are also required to follow a code of conduct, and if they break that code of conduct, they could be dishonorably discharged for "Conduct unbecoming of a [branch of military]." At the same time, because they are the property of the government, they are provided food, clothing, housing, medical care, a purpose, and they get to travel the world and experience all kinds of new and wonderful things.


In the same way, when we "sign up" to become Christians, we are signing up to surrender our lives to Christ. In essence, we belong to Him, we are His property. He "owns" us (so to speak). And like the military, we are required to perform certain tasks in accordance with our purpose and calling. Many times those tasks are not fun, and they are also not optional. The taining that is required for your purpose and calling is also often difficult. God may require us to do things that are very uncomfortable and don't always make sense to us. But when we look in hind sight, we are able to see why He required us to do it. We are also required to follow a "code of conduct." Many of the characteristics that we are "required" to have are developed through a growth process, but certain actions must be stopped when we become Christians. And like the military, if we fail to follow that code of conduct, we can be dishonorably removed from the body of Christ for "conduct unbecoming a Christian" (I am using military terms to make a point). At the same time, because we are the property of Christ, we will be provided with food, clothing, and shelter. God has His own medical plan. When we join the body of Christ, we are given a purpose and a calling, and depending on what that is, we may get the privilege of traveling the world.


Many of the things I just said may raise red flags. Some people may shout "legalism," and some may shout "works-based salvation." I am quite familiar with these terms, and I can assure you that what we teach does not fall under either category. Legalism is taking man-made rules and requiring others to live by them. We only present the "rules" that God places clearly in His Word. "Works-based salvation" is the idea that you are saved by doing good works (like the story of the good samaritan) or the idea that you maintain your salvation by doing good works. In contrast, we believe that God graciously allows us to be saved when we make the decision to give our lives to Christ. And just like the military, that means that certain things must change in our lives. Christ does require us to live by a certain code of conduct. Does that mean that if we make a mistake, we are going to Hell? No! But if we make the choice to refuse to live by Christ's code of conduct, then we will not be allowed to be a part of the body of Christ, and if we die in that state, we will likely face the judgment of God, which may include Hell (see Romans 9:15). We will discuss this more in the article on Romans 9. But for now, understand that we are not saved by what we do. We are saved by Christ alone. But we have the choice of what to do with that salvation. We can throw it away by ignoring Christ's code of conduct, or we can work it out with fear and trembling.


What you need to know is that if you stumbled upon this website, God has a purpose and a calling for you, and the time is NOW! It is time for you to begin discovering that purpose and calling, training toward it, and then walking in it. We are here to help you along the way.